Beautiful Ercolano Musical Jewelry Box featuring a Carousel Horse

This elegant music box by Ercolano is made with some of the best materials in the world by skilled craftsmen from Italy. This item is a perfect gift for someone you adore. On the lid is a beautiful painting capturing a carousel horse frozen in time. The use of contrasting colors brings this painting to life. The interior is lined with red velvet fabric to keep your jewels in luxury. Inside the box is a wonderful 18 note musical movement that will play any tune from our catalog. It makes a...

$119.99 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)
Carousel Hinged Trinket Box

An extraordinarily beautiful carousel-themed musical box reminiscent of fine English creamware (Wedgwood). The horse inside rotates to the music when the top is opened. Plays Carousel Waltz. Winds-up on the underside. Inside has cream-colored flock lining below the horse and beautiful gold-colored edging. The horse relief under the lid is behind a clear pane to create a shadow box effect. Finished all around, a total of four horses decorate the sides. Made of blue, pink, and cream tinted...

$63.05 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)
Carousel Horse Jewelry Box

A classic carousel design adorns our jewelry box, with compartments and velvet-lined interior. Tune: Canon in D, 18 note movement....

$62.52 as at 00:00 UTC. (Details)