Best Quality Vinyl Wall Sticker Decals – Carousel Horse Set ( Size: 20in x 24in – Color: black ) – No: 2028

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Carousel Horse Set- Wall Tattoo

Size: 20in x 24in

Color: black

Delivery time: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

Choose from 30 different colors

Wall Spirit offers you a new type of decorative interior design:
Wall Designs by Wall Spirit! Our high-quality online store offers a fascinating
variety of colors and shapes for every area of your life. Liven up the walls of
your living space quickly and easily with colorful and affordable wall designs from Wall Spirit!


Wall designs and decals are a great alternative to pictures, wallpaper and painting for your personal walldecorating.

These artistic decorations adorn living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen or bath and can be mounted on walls,
tiles, glass, wood and plastic.

Wall designs can be quickly applied and removed.

Wall designs are not single wall stickers, but make it look as if the image has been “tattooed” to the wall.

included in delivery:

- Your Wall Tattoo

- Application instructions

- Invoice

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